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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do you remember a few posts back when I said that I found a radio station that I actually like listening to?  Well, this past Wednesday B and I were driving around town, so I turned the radio to that station and lo and behold they changed the format back to some sniveling "soft" music.  Really?  Do we need another radio station that play Des'ree's "You Gotta Be" more often than anyone should almost twenty years after it was first released?  By the way, does that make it an oldie?

Octomon has posed nude for some British magazine.  Really?  Someone actually paid money to look at that?  I'm sure she's probably had reconstructive work done, but after one kid I certainly wouldn't pose nude.  I may (according to my husband) have the road map for Alaska on my backside now, but she should surely have all of North America on hers.

There's a big hullabaloo about Katie Couric signing on to host GMA for a week while Robin Roberts is on vacation.  Really?  I hate to tell ABC, but I think that Katie is past her morning wonderfulness prime after spending years as a bottom feeder as CBS's nightly news anchor.  What do I know though?  I quit watching morning television once Firecracker was born and spend my time listening to either old friends on their radio shows or iTunes.

It seems that every time I turn on the TV I seem to see another "reality" show about some sort of back-woods, toothless, hillbillies doing something that ordinary people would never want to do.  Whether it is Hillbilly Handfishing, Moonshiners, Swamp People, Mudcats, or who knows what, it's as if the hottest commodity on television today is exaggerating and exploiting the strangest members or rural society.  Really?  REALLY???  Let me tell you, I grew up in rural Oklahoma, i.e. The Sticks.  I hate that people across the globe can watch these shows and think that's how most of us live.  I hate to tell them, but it's honestly not at all.  There may be rednecks and good ole' boys everywhere you turn, but people like you see on these shows normally just live in the most remote areas, and most normalish people regard them with a little fear, disgust, and trepidation.  Personally I hate anything that promotes the belief that all people from rural areas are slack-jawed idiots.  I have had to deal with people thinking that I'm stupid due to my accent and worse, in college I had a Linguistics professor who openly bullied me because of my accent.

Lastly, have you seen the commercial for Marc Jacobs "Daisy" perfume?  You know, the one with the girls wearing airy looking white dresses in a field of daisies.  You know, the one where one of those girls is just lounging around on a bare back horse?  Really?  When I think of things that smell good, people who have been just rolling around on a horse with little between them and the horse isn't included in the list.  Instead, it makes me think of all the rather ripe people who used to visit me at the TV station after working at the farmers' market to tell me about the ghost dogs they would see in cemeteries and such.  Crazy hippies always like freshly laundered linens, don't you know.  I'd just as soon wear a perfume labeled "Canine Anal Gland Seepage."

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What I've Learned In Five Weeks

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Five Weeks

I'm a couple of days late with this, but Monday we were adjusting our routine (we're always having to adjust it for something it seems), and Tuesdays seem to be the one day out of the week Firecracker decides to be a fussy baby from Hades.  Thankfully all is usually well by bedtime.

Honestly, we're very blessed with Miss Firecracker.  She would sleep through the night if we could let her.  Thankfully her pediatrician said that once she hits two months we (Ican let her sleep through the night (I can't wait!), and I'll no longer have to wake the both of us up once every night for a feeding.

She's staying awake longer now, and starting to smile and coo more often.  She likes to change out of her jammies and either bathed or cleaned off in the mornings and relaxes at night when she's changed into that night's jammies.

During the day she spends time squirming around on a blanket, and often Lucy and Dory join her.  Dory is still very protective and obsessed with her girl.  Lucy is getting more comfortable around her.  She loves her, that's obvious by little things like the way she sleeps next to her swing (Firecracker sleeps in her swing right now) most nights when she's not in bed with us, but she's far more careful and less smothering about it.

She's about to grow out of her newborn sized clothes.  That makes me both proud and sad at the same time, kind of like how I cherish each moment I spend holding her, but my arms get so tired after a while.  These days are so tiring at times, but I know they won't last forever.  I'm sure that our parents feel like it was just the other day when they were holding us in their arms.

What I've Learned In One Month

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Yesterday Firecracker was four weeks old.  Today, depending on how you look at it, she'll be one whole month old!  One month.  It's hard to believe that it's already been a month.  All of my days have a tendency to run together lately, especially since I get up at least once a night with my little Marvin.

Marvin's short for Starvin' Marvin from the early days of South Park.  I call Firecracker that, because she believes herself to be starving several times a day even though she's now taking three ounces of formula every three hours.  I don't think it'll be long before she'll be moving on the four ounces.  Our girl definitely has a healthy appetite.

She's staying awake longer and longer these days.  Most of the time, she's in a fairly good mood, unless she's gone a day without pooping.  Then, I have to give her an ounce of pear juice to make the world a better place again.  The funny thing about making the world a better place is that it has to get really dirty before it can get better.  I'm talking so dirty that I hold her away from my body, take her upstairs, and rinse her off in the bathtub with my handheld shower messy.  After that though, everything's pretty much roses though - just hold your nose when you open any trash can with a lid in our house.

Marvin is starting to smile some, and coo and try to talk to us.  She has at least one moment of glee when I fasten a bib around her neck before bottle time.  Last night I swear I heard her giggle even though I know developmentally she's not supposed to be able to for a little while longer.

She's noticing toys and other things more now and reaches out to touch them.  She's obsessed with her Daddy's face when he hold her and likes messing with my hair.  I have to admit to tickling her with it some.

She made her longest trip anywhere fairly easily Saturday, when we went down to Greenwood to fix her grandparents' computer.  Before that, the greatest distance she had traveled was down to the Square in Fayetteville to visit our friends at the TV station.

I've started reading Anne of Green Gables to her.  I've chosen that particular book to read to her, because I love it, Anne and Firecracker both have red hair, and I also run out of things to say and sing to her at times, when I know she's just wanting to "talk" with me.

She's just about the sturdiest baby I've ever known and already holds her head up very well, especially when she's climbing my body when I'm trying to burp her.  Interestingly, she usually will burp for me when I ask her to.

Once she's had what I call her "bedtime" bottle, around 10 or 11 at night usually, she's not that difficult to put to bed.  In fact, I often still have to wake her in order for her to have her bottle in the wee sma's of the night.  Then, once she goes to sleep after that, she often will sleep until we wake her again, which she doesn't really appreciate.  I'm really thankful for the fact that thus far, I've been allowed to sleep at night for the most part.  Our worst two nights were her first and third nights home, and the first night's discomfort had a lot to do with the fact that I slept on the recliner because I my incision.

Thursday we go back to the pediatrician to check her weight.  Hopefully she's gaining the appropriate amount now.  Then we won't have to go back there until her two-months shots.  I can't wait to see the milestones she hits after another month!

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