Things That Irritate Me #1: Toilet Roll Covers

Monday, April 30, 2012

There are a great many things on this planet that just irritate me, but I'll pick and choose which ones I broadcast. Today I'm focusing on Kleenex Cottonelle Roll Covers. We're told to "Respect the Roll" and cover it up with a stylish (in some people's opinion) but probably cheaply made cover for our toilet paper. REALLY??? Do we really need these to be the next big thing in toilet stuff?

It seems that apparently the toilet paper industry has hit a wall in product development. They have added extra softness, multiple ply paper, moisturizers, and who knows what else to toilet paper trying to one-up the competition over the years. One company likes to make a big deal about their lack of leftover lint, while personally we've found them to leave more lint than any other brand - if that's an issue for you.

They've developed and marketed flushable wipes, which over that past several years have become a staple in our home. Heaven knows they helped stave off the dreaded hemorrhoids during my pregnancy. I imagine mothers of young children could have told the toilet paper companies that this would have been a good idea ages before they decided to market it.

Back to the roll covers though. I just don't get it. First of all, none of my bathrooms are decorated in some sort of modern, overly girly, feng shui decor. I don't spend hours on Pinterest dreaming up ways to decorate my bathrooms anyway. Therefore, roll covers just don't really appeal to me. Secondly, I don't want to hide toilet paper from anyone in my house. It's a necessity, and I would rather people know where it is and use all they need to (without clogging the toilet) than for them to possibly not use any because they can't find it. Worse yet, I don't have any antique Sears Roebuck catalogs, and my books are like family. So don't count on me camouflaging the t.p. I think I'm more likely to hang a giant neon sign stating, "TOILET PAPER & OTHER BATHROOM NECESSITIES KEPT HERE!"<link>

Seriously, would you rather prefer to act like the stuff doesn't exist and run the risk of someone not having "a square to spare" or being clean? I mean, hello staph infections and other nasty diseases. So, I'm not going to waste however much money Cottonelle wants me to in order to place toilet roll covers in any of my three bathrooms. I embrace the fact that we have toilet paper in our house, I don't worship (respect) it to the point of giving it it's own special throne (ha, ha), but it's here, it's not going anywhere, get used to it. Don't try to hide it.

Sunday Seriousness

Sunday, April 29, 2012

When B and I moved to Northwest Arkansas, we planned to find a church home and begin attending regularly.  That was difficult to do the first couple years of our marriage, because we knew we were going to be moving and not setting down roots.  The problem is, we're both quite introverted, and it's difficult for us to make friends new places, much less find a place where we belong.

It took us two years to find a church where we felt comfortable and felt that we belonged.  The problem is that the church is a decent distance from our house.  Due to the distance and early start time for church, we have never made it to a Sunday School class, and we often find reasons not to attend worship services.

Now that I'm home with Firecracker though, I'm realizing how important it is to get her into a children's program at church as early as possible and that it would also do both B and me a world of good to have fellowship with other people our age from church.  Just this morning, B was stating that though he knows sermons focused solely on salvation are very important, he would like to study more of the Bible.  I reminded him that was what Sunday School, small groups, and evening services were for, because those who need salvation aren't likely to attend at those times but might a regular Sunday morning worship service.  Then I told him something that's been on my mind.  We need to think and pray about finding a church closer to home.

The plan had always been that eventually we would sell our current home, move up to Bentonville where we're church members, and enrolling our children in Bentonville Public Schools, because they are some of the best in the state.  Unfortunately we bought this current house a year before the housing market collapsed, and now we owe more on the house than it is currently worth.  It will be years probably before we'll be able to sell this house.  In the mean time, we still live a good distance from the church we attend, and the distance is a hindrance to our becoming more involved and both gaining and giving what we should be from our church.

Right now, we're just thinking and praying about it.  Personally, I hate the idea of shopping for a new place of worship, because I really do like and enjoy our current one.  However, I have to remember that B and I must do everything we can to be the best parents possible to Firecracker.  I believe that being a real part of a healthy, Bible-believing church should be part of the package.  I'm ready to no longer be a member of a church for years and still be looked upon as a visitor.

Any suggestions on a church?  I have a few in mind, but wouldn't mind suggestions.  Just remember that we're Southern Baptist and don't want to stray too far from what we believe.

This Is The Day

Monday, April 23, 2012

I spent most of yesterday catching up on cleaning things around the house that I haven't had a chance to do with my little helper while B was home to take care of her.  When I was through doing the housework, it was time to cook dinner, then feed Firecracker her last bottle before her bedtime, and iron B's clothes for today.  Thankfully B did the dishes and filled today's bottles for me, because by the time I was finished I was just about on my last leg.  So, of course last night was the night Firecracker decided to wake up at 3:30.  After trying unsuccessfully multiple times over an hour to get her to stay asleep, I just took her to bed with me where she slept like a log, curled up with a rather uncomfortable me.  Today, she decided to start her day at seven rather than eight and didn't really want to nap much.  I really needed her to nap.  This is my life these days.

I've realized that I go through cycles every week in my own personal mood and demeanor.  On Mondays and Tuesdays I begin to worry that I'm failing Firecracker and also losing a part of myself.  I worry that I'm not doing all that I can and should be doing to help her developmentally.  By Wednesday, we're back in our weekly groove and things usually seem just fine.  Friday, I'm ready for B to get to be home more with us so I can have a little more help (or any, depending on B's work week).  Saturday and Sunday I'm ready to do something outside of the house from going to church to walking around a park, or even going to the mall.

You know what?  I'm fine with all of that, really.  Some days get rather
monotonous and on the cloudy, rainy, cold days they can be downright
depressing, but I wouldn't want to be any other place.  I chose to be home with Firecracker for very important reasons, and I'm very thankful and grateful that I have that choice and that my husband encourages and supports it.

Firecracker is eleven weeks old today.  Eleven weeks.  Next week we graduate from newborn to infant.  That supposedly most trying time of what is considered to be "The Fourth Trimester" is finally over.   She has changed so much in what seems like a short yet long time.  Already, she's changed so much from those screaming eyes Dr. Hinton showed me over that curtain in the OR.  She's not always going to want to cuddle with me on the recliner.  That sweet, gummy grin won't stay toothless for long.  Her "goo's" and"la's" will soon enough be words.  Already, that sweet, "La, la" song she cried when she was first born has developed into more of an "AH! AAAHHH!!!"

I may not always find time to do things that I enjoy from posting on this blog to writing, reading, or photography.   My main contact with the outside world may mostly consist of Facebook and Twitter, but I'm right where I'm supposed to be.  If I were anywhere else, I would long to be right here, right now and would probably be beyond depressed.  Any way you go about it, life is tough for moms.

The older I get, the more I realize that behind every person is some sort of secret struggle.  So, I hope that I'm more kind than I've been in the past, and try to remember so many in prayer every day.  Firecracker and I sing with the VeggieTales gang every day, "This Is The Day."

"This IS the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

My Take On the Petrino Thing

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Firecracker still supports the Hogs

For those of you who do not live in Arkansas and don't watch ESPN much or at all, we've had a little bit of a scandal going on lately in NWA regarding the now former head football coach of the Razorbacks, Bobby Petrino.  I'll not bore you with the details, because frankly I'm tired of them, and you can get them at ESPN, Fox Sports, and any other place with sports information.  I just want to give my take on the matter and let the whole thing drop.

Like most Arkansans, while I wasn't proud of Petrino for having an "inappropriate relationship" with an engaged girl half his age and cheating on his wife, I didn't think he should be fired just for that.  Things like that, no matter how horrible they are, go on all the time.  However, like most everyone else, when word came that he hired this girl to work for him, flaunting equal opportunity employment rules, I started to lean the other direction.   When, during Athletic Director Jeff Long's press conference Tuesday night, it was revealed to all of us that he given this person $20,000, the ten percent who wanted him fired and 90 percent who didn't flip flopped.  Anyone with any sense at all knows that this was beyond acceptable behavior for any employee anywhere, but especially one in such a high profile position that is the athletic version of upper management. 

Any person in a professional job is held to an ethical standard.  Journalists are (or should be though these days they aren't so much when at least on the national stage), doctors are, engineers are, teachers, accountants, attorneys, you name it.  Why then shouldn't we hold the highest paid employee of the State of Arkansas, basically the face of Arkansas, to some sort of ethical standard?

At the end of the day, the man believed he was bigger than the program, bigger than the university, and bigger than Arkansas all-together.  He was selfish and arrogant, and now his family, the families of his mistresses (yes, more are popping up), the student-athletes who played for him and looked up to him, and the families of all the people who will most likely eventually lose their jobs because they were a part of Petrino's staff are and will be dealing with the consequences of this for weeks, months, and probably years to come.

Football records, quite honestly, come and go.  Standing up for what is right makes a lasting impression.  Jeff Long did what was right.  End of story.  Move on.  There are other things going on in our corner of the world and the world at large.  Let things fall where they may, because the horse is dead, the vultures have had their feast, and all that is left is waste.  Let the natural cycle of things take over and let a new day begin.  It's like one of the songs I play for Firecracker, it's a "New Morning."

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