Weekly Randomosity:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

  • Last night I slept all.night.through, and it was WONDERFUL (Insert Oprah voice here)!  You have to understand that I suffer from insomnia and usually wake at some point between 1 and 3 am, needing an hour or two (or more) to get back to sleep.  So, let's just all say that last's night's wonderful sleeps sans weird dreams was a blessing.  Did I mention I have weird dreams?  Calling them weird is probably an understatement.   They're odd, and usually I'm very happy to wake up to my actual life, especially when I dream I or we are living with my mother.
  • Bart just realized last night that Ladybug doesn't just watch Frozen and Tangled, but she reenacts them as she watches them.  It's really a sight to behold.
  • Lucy is addicted to eating Ladybug's crayons.  She especially loves the ones with glitter.  So.... I have a dog who poops rainbows and glitter.  It's very interesting scooping poop these days.  You can always tell which is Lucy's and which is Dory's.
  • Sunday we went to the early Easter service at our church.  Then we headed over to Baum Stadium to watch the Razorbacks play Vandy.  We like to get seats right on the edge of the the first base line, in the outfield, by the opposing bullpen.  This was an ESPN game.  Let's just say I'm glad that I didn't pick my nose or anything much, because just about every time they went to commercial break, they showed at least Ladybug and Bart's feet in the shot along the baseline.  Yes, you're looking at Bart's sexy white socks in this shot.
  • I kind of threw Ladybug's Easter basket loot together this year.  I'm rather proud of snagging that awesome Frozen shirt from the Disneystore.com.  I just happened to be on the website and they had it available.  Bart and I briefly considered keeping it in the packaging and selling it on eBay for two or three times its worth.
  • Speaking of Easter, can you believe we have have THREE Easters with this girl?  She's such a blessing.
  • I haven't posted an actual, thought-provoking post in a while, but I promise I have at least one good one coming next week on my birthday.  Until then, have an awesome week!

Joyful Noises

Thursday, April 17, 2014

We are a music-loving family.  I play alto saxophone and a little piano.  Bart used to play the trumpet, taught himself guitar, and is teaching himself fiddle.  Ladybug loves instruments of all types.  Just the other day she attempted to play her piano and xylophone at the same time.  So, it's rather obvious that music is a very important part of our lives even though at least Bart and I have extremely different tastes in music.  I am one of those people having a personal concert in my car at stoplights.  I rarely sing in public though, because I've heard cats in heat who sound better than I do.  Bart has about as much rhythm as Navin R. Johnson.  So, we're not likely to become the next Osmonds or Von Trapps.  Still yet, we love our music, and we have definitely passed that love on to Ladybug.

It is Easter week, and to me music has always been a big part of the entire Easter experience.  I'm not talking about singing "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" either.  I think that it's because if there's ever a reason to "make a joyful noise," the resurrection of our Savior and the defeat of sin and death is such a reason.  I love newer songs but I have to admit that it never really feel quite like Easter is we don't sing "Low In the Grave He Lay."  There's just so much joy in singing,
Up from the grave He arose,With a mighty triumph o’er His foes,He arose a Victor from the dark domain,And He lives forever, with His saints to reign.He arose! He arose!Hallelujah! Christ arose!
Seriously, if gives me chills, but good chills. I also love "I Serve a Risen Savior" also known as "He Lives."  That sort of just tells it all, doesn't it?  When we sing these songs, I imagine that's what it's going to be like in Heaven, just rejoicing in the victory and worshiping God.

Do you have any favorite contemporary or classic hymns that you love around Easter?

The Blue French Horn: Ted Mosby's Journey

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Warning, if you have yet to watch the finale of How I Met Your Mother and don't like spoilers, don't read this post.

You know the thing that's neat about French horns, they're circular, kind of like life.  Remember that.

Friends was the sitcom of my high school years and also college.  It ended the May after Bart and I got married.  When I started watching Friends, I was a fourteen-year-old high school freshman who spent most of my evenings alone at home well after bedtime while my Mom worked.  The Friends weren't my only friends by far, but they were my friends.  The relationship between Ross and Rachel of the first two seasons fed my teenaged romanticism.  By the time Friends said farewell, I was in my early twenties, and watched the finale with my still new husband.  We both cheered when Rachel got off that plane.

In the fall of the next year we watched the premiere of a new sitcom together.  This one, like Friends started out as, was about a group of friends in their mid-late twenties.  Bart and I had much more in common with these friends than the Gen-Xers of Friends.  We really enjoyed the pilot episode, but rather than finding out how we met the mother, like the title of the new show described, we found out at the end of the show it was how this guy Ted met his kids' Aunt Robin.  That ultimately turned us off of the show.

However, thankfully CBS still aired reruns back then.  I started watching without Bart and got hooked.  By the season finale, we both were addicted to it, and we were yelling for Robin to "Come on!" with Ted.  What a ride it was, too!  Remember when we had the fake-out of Stella possibly being the mother, and the kids turned blonde?  Remember Blah-blah?  I always liked Victoria.  I also liked Zoey, but knew that wouldn't work since she was fighting the biggest thing Ted ever did.

The thing is, as Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily, and even Barney grew, so did we.  When Marshall and Lily were trying for a baby, so were we.  Ladybug was just a couple months old when Mavin was born.  I bawled when Marshall's dad died, when Robin found out she couldn't have kids, and well was relieved when Stella left Ted at the altar.

 I loved when Barney proposed to Robin, and she said yes.  So, imagine my disgust when early into the finale episode we learned that three years into marriage, they got divorced.  Of course that only cemented my belief that the mother died, and Ted and Robin were endgame.  I even predicted it as soon as I learned of the divorce.  How did it make me feel?  I don't know.  Ask me again in a few days or weeks.

We have spent nine years anticipating Ted meeting the mother, Tracy.  We have spent the past season getting to know her and falling in love with her.  Heck, the episode "How Your Mother Met Me" made me fall in love with her, and I am 100% heterosexual.    Then the episode "Vesuvius" pretty much drove the nail into the mom's coffin, affirming the growing belief out there (that I agreed with) that the mother was dead when Ted told his kids the story.  Yep, she's dead.   She had been dead for six years when Ted started the story.  Why was he telling the story?  Because he wanted to get permission from Penny and Luke to pursue Robin.

I have to admit that at first I felt a little bit cheated.  After all this time, I expected to get to see this great love of Ted's life play out.  We did some, and their meeting was super-sweet.  However by the time we got to the meeting, we were actually waiting for him to go after Robin.  Which he did, with the blue french horn.

The series ended full-circle.  Like real life, the roads we take aren't straight and narrow.  What we expect to happen doesn't usually happen.  In the end, I liked the episode.  After repeated viewing I like it more and more.  I would have liked more Mother (Tracy), but it really wasn't about her.  She really was just yet another (very) important piece in the puzzle that ultimately led Ted to Robin.  It was a complete episode.  It was a complete story.  The loose ends were tied.  I spent the episode texting my friend Dana, and we both ugly cried when Barney met his true love.  My favorite nod to the past (beyond the last, wonderful scene) was the return of the cockamouse to the apartment.  The finale wasn't about this cookie-cutter life of Ted's, it was about the journey.  The entire series was about the journey, and while it was bittersweet, isn't the end of every journey at least just a little?

Initially I gave the finale of How I Met Your Mother a B.
Upon further viewing and thought, I give it an A+, because I enjoyed the journey and am happy to have stuck with it, even during the filler episodes with Britney Spears and Carrie Underwood.

Tell me, what did you think?  Personally, I don't think that I'm ready to commit to another sitcom long-term again.  Of course I doubt that there will be another that resonates quite the same with me anymore.  I'm no longer in that desired demographic.

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