Saturday, June 28, 2014

  • I'm not going to call this "Weekly Randomosity," because I haven't posted one in a long time and may not again for who knows how long.  I'm really enjoying writing fiction right now, and all of my free time has devoted to that lately.  I forgot how much fun it was to really get into characters and have others love your characters as well!
  • We've had a lot of storms and rain lately.  If I haven't mentioned it before, my head acts very much like a barometer, and I have horrible headaches when storms are coming.  I think it's safe to say that Advil has been my friend lately.
  • Bart and Ladybug picked the first zucchini from their garden this week.  If only I liked vegetables.  I'm counting the days until the tomatoes are ripe.  I live for homegrown tomatoes.
  • Last week while Bart was in Nashville with work, I started watching Chasing Life.  I think I may have once vowed to never watch any original programming on ABC Family ever again after they canceled the wonderfully quirky and Gilmore-esque Bunheads but kept an insipid show like The Secret Life of the American Teenager (which I tried to watch once because Molly Ringwald) or shows like Pretty LittleLiars on the air. However, there's not a lot on in the summer that tempts me, and this actually looks interesting and promising.  I have to say that I'm interested so far.  It has promise.  It has so much promise that I will probably fall in love with it, then they will cancel it.
  • Monday night was supposed to be Bart's first softball game of the season, but all of the games were canceled due to rain.  That could be considered a win for Bart's team.  Let's just say that they have fun out there.
  • My eclectic music tastes have hit new highs.  Within a week I went from listening the Louis Armstrong to The Avett Brothers, a little Marvin Gaye, old-school church camp songs like "Jesus Is Just Alright" and "Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus," and of course my favorite chill-out music, motion picture scores.  By the way, Ladybug is totally in awe of my ability to rap "Jesus Is Just Alright" word for word.  
  • Ladybug has had a pretty rough cold most of this week.  Bart seems to be catching it as well.  I'm trying diligently not to catch it.
  • So, on the fan fiction writing side of things, if you create the perfect original character as the love interest for the lead character then kill him off, you're email is going to go nuts.  I'm serious.  My email was constantly pinging last weekend with comments and direct messages.  I had to actually assure someone that I only write (mostly) happy endings, because he/she was so upset.  I also had to make sure the sound was off on my phone during church.  I'm a little surprised that I have not received quite so many comments once Mr. Perfect was found not to be dead after all.  The story is quickly coming to an end, which always makes me sad.  You come love these characters and hate to say goodbye to them.  I have ideas for a sequel, though I may take a break from it for a while until I  formulate it in my head.  There's also a few other things floating around in there.  Also, I would like to write/ post an edited and expanded version.  Overall, it's been a delightfully fun adventure.

Girls Need Their Dads

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Just two days ago, we celebrated Father's Day.  Anyone who knows me knows that we're not particularly big on celebrating the holidays that were basically invented by greeting card companies in order to sell cards.  That said, I do think that fathers do deserve some special attention.  Actually, rather than fathers, per se, daddies, dads, papas, or whatever they're called deserve attention and praise.  Sperm donors and deadbeats aren't included.  They are a very vital part of the family unit.  While we often hear of how boys need their dads, girls also need them in their lives very much - sometimes even more so, I think.

I lost my dad when I was ten years old.  I didn't have a dad around to teach me to drive or the dad who scared any boys I brought home by cleaning his shotgun.  Still yet, I knew that he loved me, and in those ten short years he was still able to instill in me the knowledge of what I did and didn't want in a potential husband some day, and how I should be treated.  My dad was one of those guys who gave his place in lines to women.  He played card games with me that I made up in my head, and I always felt safe when I was with him, I knew that what I said was important, and I never doubted that I was loved.

It isn't always easy to be a girl dad, I understand that.  It's especially more difficult for the guys who didn't grow up around girls, like Bart.  I have to say that Bart has taken most everything in stride.  He's learning that even a toddler cares if her accessories match her outfit, that Frozen and Tangled are "better" than Planes and Cars, and that dance parties are often a required pastime.  The cool thing is that girls often like doing supposedly "boy" things like playing sports and fishing.

The thing is, it's important that dads spend time with their daughters doing whatever and also talking about whatever.  They can't just be left to the mom to raise.  Girls need their dads not to play princess with them, but not treat them like princesses.  They need to learn from their dads that they should be treated with love and respect.  Also, when, as a teenager, the time might appear when they may need Dad to step in and stop a relationship if they aren't being treated properly - no matter how they may hate him for the moment.  When she's older she'll thank him.

I spend every day with Ladybug, but I really encourage Bart and Ladybug to not only do things with me but also just the two of them.  In the evenings, they'll go outside and play together, if I step outside to talk to them, Ladybug will often tell me, "Mama, go back inside the house!"  That's because her time alone with her Daddy is very important.  I get that and actually love it.  I love that they have such a great relationship and am not threatened by it.  I think it's awesome.  Last Thursday night, they went on their first Daddy-daughter date to Chic-Fil-A ( It was Daddy-Daughter Date Night.  Thanks, CFA!).  After, they went to Toys R Us then Barnes and Noble.  Ladybug opted on her own for books rather than toys.  They both had a blast, and Bart hopes to make it at least a monthly thing between them.

I want Ladybug to know her Dad.  When it's time for her to start dating and looking for the person she's to marry, I want her to look for someone like her Dad.  I'm not saying that he has to be some sort of engineer who is obsessed with country music.  Rather, I hope that she looks for a man who loves his God and his family, who is willing to work hard to provide for his family, and will treat his wife and children with the utmost love and respect.

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