The Party Princesses

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Since probably the first week of September, Bart has been out of town for work a lot.  That means by the evenings, I'm often searching for something different and fun to do with L before her bath and bedtime.  I'm usually only too happy to let Bart play with her for a couple of hours in the evening so that I can catch my breath.  That doesn't happen when he's out of town.

Often, we would spend the evenings outside, but as the days have grown shorter and occasionally rainy, we had to think of something else.  Somehow our evening dance party evolved into a Princess Dance Party, with all of L's MagiClip Princess dolls.  From there, I thought it would be funny if they formed a conga line and danced to Harry Belafonte as L and I danced as well.  Then I took a picture and shared it online.  Apparently I'm not the only one who has thought it was funny.

That same night, I thought back to when L first started getting the dolls, and I positioned them to play Red Rover.  That led to me trying to get them to play Ring Around the Rosie, but that seemed lame.  Instead, they played "Light As A Feather."  Never having been a pre-teen girl, I had to explain that one to Bart.

Meanwhile, L has started to love this activity.  We have to take pictures every time we play with the "baby princesses."  If I don't take a picture, she'll either grab my phone and do it herself or any other toy to pretend to take her own pictures.  Every time I come up with a new idea, she gets all excited and can't wait for the pictures.

Coming up with ideas isn't always easy.  I try to incorporate whatever we're doing that night into the picture and gags.  If the princesses are doing the Thriller dance, well, L and I are at least dancing to Thriller.

When we watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" we had some of the princesses reenact a scene from that.  I always try to fit the right princess to her part.  Last night, for the last game of the World Series, we did a tribute to "A League of Their Own," complete with Flynn Ryder as Jimmy Dugan and Cinderella as Evelyn.  I had Sleeping Beauty play All the Way May, but I realize it should have been Snow White.  She did live alone with seven men for a while, after all.  Elsa and Anna were Dottie and Kit, of course.

Tonight's princess pic came from something I've had rattling in my brain.  It was Queen Elsa's seminar on things to avoid on Halloween (and any day).  I even included on the Instagram caption, "Next slide:  Octopi With Binding Contracts."  It was only when the picture was posted that I realized that Snow White was MIA.  Perhaps she already ate that poisonous apple?  

I don't know how long we're going to keep it up.  There are only so many things you can do with dolls that have to have their dresses on to stand and can't really pose very much.  Also, they don't make Jasmine, Mulan, or Pocahontas dolls in this.  I'm guessing it's because they don't wear traditional dresses.  We do enjoy it though.  It's my way of being creative with L.  I'm not a traditionally crafty person, so this has been fun.  My question is, do you have any ideas for future parties?

'ello, October!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sometimes I wish that I spoke with a cockney accent rather than a twangy one from Southeastern Oklahoma.  Anyway...

Y'all, October  Each and every single night, we have watched baseball.  It's not just normal baseball, it's baseball with extra innings that lasts all night long.  Now, I love baseball.  Let's not ever think that's not the case, and this October has been stupendous in terms of awesome baseball games.  I'm a St. Louis Cardinals girl, I was raised that way, just as I was raised Baptist, but I have to admit that I like the way the Royals have been playing.   Bart and I are hoping for a Royals / Cardinals World Series.  If that happens, I think I'll need to stock up on Red Bull and No Doz.  These late games are killing me.  At least there's baseball.  OU lost Saturday to TCU.  I think I had a few small strokes watching the game.

I think that we're finally settling into a good routine, now that the summer is over.  It was a busy summer.  (Maybe I'll fill you in on it some time, but I'll just tell you that it included two weddings and a funeral.)  We hit a little hump when we took a trip to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals, and Bart and Ladybug both came home sick.  Ladybug got over it quickly, but Bart almost always develops bronchitis these days, and it took him a couple of weeks to be himself again.  It's difficult to get into step when you have a sick husband.  Things started to look up last week when all of his medicine started working.

The best thing is, it's October.  I have always loved October.  I think it's my favorite month.  Last week beautiful yellow leaves rained down on the car as L and I were driving home from Bible study.  Autumn and spring both bring a peace about my soul, because I never cease to be in awe of the beautiful artistry God has painted on this canvas where we eat, breathe, and live.  I'm thankful for the changing seasons, because they're always a reminder to me that God is always here and He's remains constant though the world does not.

Ladybug is constantly changing, but the God who created her is the same  yesterday, today, and forever.

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