Things I've Forgotten

Monday, January 26, 2015

I seem to have forgotten a great deal lately, what with the never-ending sinus infection and all.  By the way, if I ran into you and didn't seem too talkative recently, I apologize.  I don't think well when I don't breathe well, hence the forgetfulness.  At least I have remembered some amusing things.

First of all, I want to thank Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for teaching my little person a bit of geography lately, even if it's not exactly sound.  Unfortunately she also now wants a passport and to "put a lot of stamps" in it.  Seriously, she sounds like Lucy Moderatz, wanting to put stamps in her passport.  Well, she doesn't have a passport.  I do, but she doesn't - not yet at least.  She does have a Build-A-Bear Workshop Pawsport, and that seems to be working just fine... so far.  Last night I had to find it quickly.  Luckily it seems that, to my  credit, I forgot that I have set aside a basket for the sole purpose of keeping the important documents of all Ladybug's stuffies and dolls.  Besides the Pawsport, it is also where I have stowed the birth certificates to all of her Cabbage Patch Kids - if for no other reason than I can remember their names.

Speaking of Build-A-Bear, after Christmas Ladybug took some of her money there and bought an Elsa dress for her Monkey.  Now, the Elsa dress looks quite lovely on the Elsa bears.  Quite honestly Ladybug's Elsa Monkey looks like a drag queen who should be starring on her own show on Amazon Prime.  As long as Ladybug loves her though, that's all that matters.

Bart is out of town... again.  He hasn't really been home much since New Years.  I'm not really complaining, because it's his work.  He loves it, and it provides for our family.  For the past three weekends, we have spent part of Saturday ferrying him to the local Enterprise Rental Car to either pick up or drop off a vehicle.  After putting around 100,000 miles on his Tundra in the five years he's had it, Bart has finally opted to start renting a vehicle for these long road trips for work.  I'm all for it, because I really don't want to replace the truck before we replace my car, which we've had for almost eight years and could really be traded in for something larger.   Anyway, I actually don't think we have to go to Enterprise this Saturday, which is good, because Ladybug has a birthday party to attend for one of her friends from church.

Since Bart is out of town, he's missing his first church league basketball game tonight.  He also missed practice yesterday and will miss Thursday night's game as well, but that's to be expected from a league of grown men with other responsibilities.  Anyway, I think he really likes it.  It's good for him too.  He never really enjoyed playing softball with his work team, he's better at basketball, and it's a great way for him to get to know the men of our church better.  Anyway, it may be a church league, but it's apparently not namby-pamby.  Word has it that there are lots of injuries.  Bart came home from practice last weekend exhausted, stinky, and with a bloody sock.  The sock wasn't say, Curt Schilling bloody, but it was still bloody.  He had difficulty walking for a few days.  Ladybug saw him walking weird and asked, "What's he doing?" to which I replied, "That dear, is called hobbling."  Let's just hope he makes it through the season without any serious injuries.

We got a new couch over Christmas.  Bart wasn't too sure about it at first, because it's a reclining couch.  That makes it different, and he doesn't deal well with different or change.  We were worried Lucy and Dory would freak out at our getting a new couch.  That didn't happen.  As long as there's a couch, they're happy.  Lucy has discovered how convenient a reclining couch is for cuddling, and it's her new favorite piece of furniture.

My friends, Louise and Laura, are preparing for the coming blizzard.  What is it The Weather Channel is calling it?  Oh, right...  Juno.  Anyway, they live in the Northeast and are rather used to snow, so they're taking it in stride.  Several people I know say that they wish we would get some.  I'm just like, "That's ok.  I'm - I'm good."  Despite everything that I seem to have forgotten, last year's eternal winter is still quite fresh on my mind.  I honestly think that during one of our later snowstorms last year I had a small nervous breakdown.  So, I'll take our sunny days in the 60s, thank you very much.

You Did WHAT To Tut's Beard?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I have been living in a complete 90s nostalgia bubble the past few days, in order to put my mind in character for writing.  The new show on VH1, Hindsight, has helped.  I never watch things on VH1, but I am hooked on this show.  It's probably a mixture of the nostalgia and the whole time travel plot that always enthralls me.  I'm a sucker for time travel, hence my obsession with Back To the Future.  Anyway, it has helped me to step back, twenty years into the past.   I'm very thankful for iTunes Radio, because I can listen to the songs of my younger days to my hearts content.  Most of the songs I remember, but there have been a few gems that I don't recall.  I've particularly enjoyed some songs by the group, The Sundays.  What was I so busy listening to that I missed them?  Oh yeah, right.  I was a gigantic Mariah Carey fan until about 1998.  I'm thankful that a my tastes have matured over the years.  I will say that Deep Blue Something's "Breakfast At Tiffany's" still totally holds up.  My friend Louise and I had to tweet about it some the other night.  Meanwhile, on the writing front, I have an exhaustive genealogy created to aid me in my outlining that just get larger and larger.  Yes, I put pictures with the characters.

So, have you heard how some geniuses were cleaning King Tut's burial mask, knocked off the beard, and were told by a superior to glue it back on?  It didn't work, AND they got glue on the face.  Does this not seem just like an episode of The Big Bang Theory or some sitcom?  How would you like to know that you're the person who did this?  I.just.can't.  Also, whenever I read an article on this, I can't help but hear music from The Three Stooges playing in my head.  After all, this isn't the sort of thing that happens in real life... normally.

The other day, I happened to look out the back windows just in time to catch the best sunset we've had in ages.  Ladybug, Dory, and I ran up to the playroom to take some pictures.  Let me tell you, God sure knows what he's doing when he give us such beautiful sunsets and sunrises.  You may get tired of seeing them on social media, but I don't.  Especially after all of the gloomy winter weather, sights like this are a blessing.

I bought a few Glade plugins to make the house smell all Christmasy last month.  I just realized that every time I plug them in, I have to spend a week getting over a serious sinus infection.  I should have known better.  I'm guessing I've become one of those people who can't handle perfumes of any sort.  I avoid the mall because of a certain store that sprays its noxious scents in the ventilation.    Anyway, it's been difficult to focus on much of anything the past couple of days.  I came home from Bible study Tuesday with a splitting headache, and it didn't really go away until Wednesday night.   I really wish we could buy real Sudafed over the counter again these days so I could breathe better without having to go to the doctor for a prescription.  THANKS, all you people who make and consume meth!  I'm going to eventually end up catching Ebola just so I can get a decongestant that should be available OTC!

Oh, and can we please put the kibosh on Deflategate?  I mean seriously, with all the rampant use of steroids in professional sports, don't you think that people should worry about some other deflated balls?  

So, what's been up with you?  No really, I'd like to know.

The Only Acceptable Use Of the Name Cinnamon and Other Thoughts

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm listening on the baby monitor to L not taking a nap as I type this.  From what I can hear, I'm fairly certain that she's reading to her dolls from her picture Bible.  The sun is awake, so Ladybug is awake.  She basically only naps on cloudy days.  The sad thing is she really needed to take a nap today.  When we made it home from Bible study this morning, she had a meltdown because I attempted to take a picture of her, heaven forbid.  She's not ready to drop her nap completely, because if it's a cloudy day, she'll siesta for almost three hours some days.  Well, at least her name isn't Cinnamon.

Honest to goodness, I was served at a local establishment the other day by a poor girl whose parents really named her Cinnamon.  I'm not making fun of the girl at all, but what were her parents thinking?  Can you imagine the jokes and insults she has probably endured all of her life?  Cinnamon is a perfectly good name for a cat or a dog, but a human?  Let's hope she doesn't have a sister named Peppermint, because those are names that seemed destined for people who swing from poles for a living.  There is such a thing as a self fulfilling prophecy, after all.

Back to Ladybug, she's going to be THREE years old in less than a month.  We're having a bowling party, and she's super excited.  I want to order a special birthday shirt for her to wear.  Any suggestions?  If they weren't so expensive, I would get on Easy and order her a new Rockford Peaches uniform with the number 3, because she loves the Rockford Peaches these days.  That's not really an option, so any suggestions?  The given would be a Frozen shirt with her name on it, but just... no.

Oh, I finally realized why I haven't minded listening to Let It Go incessantly for the past year.  I spent the two years before that listening to the Hot Dog Song incessantly, so it was a major step up.  I'll take Idina Menzel over They Might Be Giants any day.  Heck, I'll even take the Demi Lovato version over They Might Be Giants.  Seriously, when you have to listen to one song over and over to keep a baby from crying, you grow to hate said song.

Weekly Randomosity

Friday, January 9, 2015

  • This post has been sitting as a draft since Monday with only the above photo.  I have wanted to blog, to write, anything, and it's as if all of my creativity has been sucked out of me just like the moisture has been sucked out of the dry, January air.
  • I did manage to spend some time outlining last night.  Sometimes I forget that the only way to get the creative juices flowing is to just get busy.  Listening to a 90s music playlist has helped as well.
  • Tuesday morning we started a new semester of women's Bible study at church.  I walked in Tuesday still unsure of which study to do.  All of the ones I haven't yet participated in looked great.  I finally felt called to do "Authentic: Developing the Disciplines Of a Sincere Faith" by James MacDonald.  Four days into it, and it's already kicking me in the backside - which is a good thing, by the way.

  • I have spent the past two weeks trying to make my way through the mountain of laundry that accumulated over the holidays.  It's not easy getting everything washed and dried when you can't run the washer and dryer when the little person is napping - or we're just not home.
  • It has been bitterly cold this week, which is sad.  It's sad because it's also the first week the sun has been out consistently.  Tuesday the temperature was just above freezing, so we bundled up and chased bubbles in the back yard for a bit.  We all needed to get outside for a bit, especially Ladybug and the dogs.  Seriously, if there's one member of our household who experiences SAD worse than me, it's Dorothy Gale.  It was fun while it lasted, and I think we're all very ready for spring. 

  • I think the two words I hate to see most on a weather forecast are "Stay Tuned."  Often, it means nothing, but sometimes it means something pretty bad could happen.  Once again, I'm praying that predictions of a possible ice storm are incorrect.  By the way, I'd still love to tell the newest meteorologist that in Arkansas highs in the 30s aren't mild, they're COLD!
  • Downton Abbey is back for Season Five here, in the U.S.  Of course I watched the premiere, and of course I'll probably end up buying a Season Pass on iTunes in order to watch all of the episodes by mid-February like I do every year.  However I know what's in store for the season, and I don't entirely like it.  Honestly, I miss Matthew and Sybil.  The entire series just isn't the same without them.  Matthew and Mary's love story MADE Downton Abbey the first three seasons.  I don't like Mary with anyone else, nor Tom.  Unless... those two somehow end up together.  I really don't see that happening this season though.  I hate what they've done to Anna and Bates since Season Two.  This season doesn't bode well for them either.  I think Julian Fellowes must hate the characters.  As to Edith...  Well, I actually like her storylines.  They're somewhat realistic, though sad.  Like I read Boo Mama tweet though, she is  very Jan Brady.  At least there's the Dowager.  As long as Maggie Smith is portraying Violet Crawley, I'll continue to watch.
  • Since it is Downton time again, I've been catching up.  Ladybug was playing dolls while I watched and folded clothes from the mountain of laundry the other day.  The episode of Matthew and Mary's wedding was on, and the wedding caught her attention.  She loves brides, wedding dresses, and weddings in general.  She is now a Downton fan, and I caught her watching it on her own iPad.  I make sure she doesn't see the bad parts.
  • In other television-related news, because it's cold, and the time of year for binge TV watching, Bart and I started watching Galavant, and I'm thrilled Forever is back.  Now, for Grey's Anatomy and Once Upon a Time to return.  Ugh, I guess I'll have to wait until March for the latter.  Yes, I totally could live with only one broadcast network these days.  I do like Red Band Society on Fox, but I doubt we'll ever see a Season Two of it.

Where's My Mr Fusion?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

I'm not going to lie.  I didn't ring in 2015 singing "Auld Lang Syne."  Oh no, according to Bart I was snoring, and I'm not ashamed of that fact.  I hadn't had a good night's sleep since Christmas, and we had been very busy visiting with family.  I was exhausted.  In fact, while Ladybug took an extra-long nap New Year's Day, I also took one that went far past my occasional twenty-minute catnap.  After several days, I feel quite refreshed and ready to meet 2015 head-on.  2015?  Seriously?  I'm still trying to wrap my head around that while looking for my hoverboard, dehydrated Pizza Hut pizza, Mr. Fusion, and fax machines in every room (including the bathroom).

Do I have any specific goals lined up for 2015?  Yes and no.  I don't do resolutions.  Last year I picked a specific word, and that entire enterprise seemed to fizzle out about the same time I stopped blogging as frequently.  It's not that I didn't practice it or put it into use as often as I remembered, I just didn't focus on it.

I am glad to meet 2015 though.  2014 was a good year but had some rough spots that linger.  We lost Bart's Granddad in July, and my cousin Jack suddenly passed away just a few days before Christmas, and I'll admit that I spent a great deal of December in a funk because the sun refused to shine.  I've been working on ways to combat that though.

When we went to Little Rock over Thanksgiving, we picked up the exercise bike that belonged to Bart's Granddaddy.  We've decided to turn our spare bedroom into a playroom for Ladybug, and put the bike up there as well.  The bed was only very rarely used, and there's no guarantee we'll ever have another baby, so we decided make use of the least-used room in our house.  So far we love it, and I'm enjoying being able to bike, even though the weather outside is eh... frightful.  It's not as awesome as seeing the sunrise on a bike ride with Dory, but it will have me in shape to take her on those sunrise bike rides when the weather warms and dries, and on the off-chance that the sun comes back.

Besides biking, I plan to write more, going back to my own, original work.  Before Christmas, I really started to make headway on my outline and character notes.  Though I've loved our quiet, family time together these past two weeks, I'm excited to get back into routine and really writing again.  I probably won't finish it this year, but I want to focus on this as my personal project for 2015. For heavens sake, these characters started forming in my head twenty years ago.

Lastly, I hope to fully take advantage of and enjoy this year ahead with Ladybug.  She'll be three next month and in school before I know it.  I want to enjoy and appreciate the remainder of this time when she's still all mine.  Soon enough she'll be "all grow'd up," as she tells me.

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