Whacking Bunnies

Thursday, June 23, 2016

We are now fully in Summer Vacation Mode.  By that, I mean that at first Ladybug was terribly upset, because she felt it was the end of everything.  To her, it sort of was.  Her social life went from being very active to almost nonexistent.  One night at supper she lamented, "No more choir, no more Bible study, and now no more school!"  Her last day of school I tried to tell her how proud I was that she finished her first year of preschool, and she informed me that it was horrible.  She loved school, her friends, and her teacher and would miss them all terribly.

The first couple of weeks, we kept a busy schedule of playdates and such.  Now...  well with vacations and needing to get ahead at home before VBS next week, that has ground to a halt.   We're still getting out some and doing fun things like going to baseball games and church, but not every day.  Ladybug has taken it all quite well.  She goes to bed around 9:30 each night and sleeps until around 9 each morning.  I politely told her to get dressed this morning, and she announced, "I don't want to wear clothes today!"  I made her get dressed, though I do think her Star Wars short pjs are pretty awesome.

Almost each night after supper, we've decided it's best she change into a swimsuit, because one way or another, she's going to get wet.  She's always either playing in the pool, running through the sprinkler, or just having one of us spray her with a hose.  I'm very glad she starts swim lessons in a couple of weeks, because I think she's becoming a little fish.

Personally, I went through a very horrible, yet funny to other people, experience the other day.  Lucy and Dory are always on the lookout for the elusive Mr. Squirrel in our back yard.  They usually cry until I let them out to chase him.  They never catch him, he can jump up on fences and trees.  So when they made a big deal the other morning, I expected more of the same.  Lo and behold, I looked out the window to find them running laps around my entire back yard, chasing a poor bunny rabbit that couldn't escape.  They caught it.  They never kill anything on purpose.  They just play with them.  Sadly poor Mr. Bunny was horribly injured, but not enough to die.  He just suffered.  I dragged the girls in the house, texted Bart, then proceeded to try and put the poor thing out of its misery.

Let me just say, the BB gun didn't work.  I had to get a shovel and whack it two or three times, all the while trying not to get sick.  Finally it died, and I disposed of it - all while in my pjs, because it was fairly early in the morning.  While this was going on, Ladybug finally woke up.  When I told her what I was doing, she took it quite well, and told me that the good news is that the bunny got to go to Heaven.

That whole morning was wasted, because I was a complete mess.  I have nothing against hunting, I just have never personally wanted to to it, and I wasn't raised in the country or on a farm.  Knowing what needs to be done and doing it are two different things.

I allowed myself to watch a lot of television that day.  I watched the Amazon Prime pilot "Z:  The Beginning Of Everything" about Zelda Fitzgerald.  It's actually pretty good, as is "The Last Tycoon." Bart and I finally started watching "The Man In The High Tower" together this week and are hooked. I have an obsession with alternative histories, so even thought it's very depressing, I'm enjoying it.

Yesterday I started switching the girls to a new dog food for a handful of reasons.  Lucy, always skeptical and thinking someone may try to poison her wisely waited and watched Dory eat her food first before trying it.  You know, in case we were trying to kill them or something.  No, no.  If I'm willing to clean up their accidental bunny massacres, I'm not going to poison them.  After all, we're family.  Gee, that sounds a little mafia-ish, doesn't it?

VBS is next week.  I've already got Ladybug's crew assignment and am waiting on mine.  It's going to be a tiring but fun week.  This is Ladybug's first year of real VBS and not just hanging out in childcare and doing a little of it.  We're both excited.  Or she will be if I can get her out of bed.

Butterflies, Praisers, Six Degrees of Stomach Bug, and Martin Crane

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The nice thing about taking a break from blogging is that eventually you want to to do it again. Then when you do blog again, you have A LOT to cover!  I can't even begin to tell you all the things we have done, because we stay pretty busy.  I will share some of the latest highlights.

The Joyful Noise Praiser
I mentioned last post about how much I'm going to miss our preschool choir, the Praisers, but I have only touched on Ladybug's enjoyment of it.  Let's just say that she's found something she truly loves. Some kids get on stage on freeze up, forgetting to sing.  Not my child, no way.  She sings, LOUDLY and PROUDLY.

Part of me wanted to tell her to tone it down, but I just couldn't, not yet at least.  She's making her joyful noise to the Lord.  As she gets older, I'll try to help her understand the difference between singing loudly and yelling.  I'm sure her friend will appreciate it.

Six Degrees of the Stomach Bug
The weekend of our choir program, it seemed EVERYONE was coming down with the stomach bug. We had had rehearsal Saturday morning, and at least two brothers came down with it AFTER they were at rehearsal.  The oldest of the brothers was next to the brother of one of L's best friends, and L is also friends with HIS little brother.  Saturday I started playing Six Degrees of the Stomach Bug.  It's kind of like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but with vomiting.  I literally was thinking, "S played with C.  C is E's brother.  E is one of L's best friends, and they always hold hands and sing together."

We sang with diminished numbers on Sunday morning.  After the kids sang, they went to 2x2 at church, where Ladybug took a picture with The Big Guy, her best friend who is a boy (not her boyfriend).  They were, of course, hugging.  It is such a sweet friendship, and I cherish it so much.  That said, The Big Guy's mom texted me that afternoon to say that The Big Guy was throwing up.  I felt like I had the Sword of Damocles over my head, but instead of a sword, it was a barf bag.  Anyway, the kids performed at church that night with even smaller numbers.  With a lot of prayer, none of us caught the bug.  It serves to prove that prayer is more powerful than Kevin Bacon!

Raising Butterflies
The week before Easter I was SICK with a horrible sinus infection.  At some point while I was in and out of consciousness due to Benadryl use, Bart asked me if I thought it'd be okay for him to order a kit to raise butterflies with Ladybug.  So, a few days later when Fed Ex delivered a box that stated "LIVE INSECTS OPEN IMMEDIATELY!"  I didn't and just left it for Bart to open.

What we got were two jars, each with five caterpillars in it with some sort of food stuff for them to eat.  Over the next several days we watched the caterpillars get bigger and bigger, much like The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  We watched as they eventually made their way to the tops of the jars to become cocoons.  Once they were all cocoons, we moved them to a pop-up butterfly cage, hung it in the hall bathroom and waited.  After around another week, one by one, they emerged as butterflies.  Once they all emerged we let them loose in our front yard.  Ladybug and Bart enjoyed the process so much that they decided to look for different caterpillars during a walk this weekend.  When we got home, Bart looked up what they had and found out they were actually web worms.  They're going to keep looking for caterpillars though.

Dads, Donuts, Sooner Softball, Fishing, and Macaroons
Last week Bart went to Ladybug's school for Dad's and Donuts.  I can't even begin to explain to you how much Ladybug looked forward to this.  She's had me at school for all sorts of stuff, but Bart has 'only been there a couple of times.  He took off the entire day, and we went to a U of A softball game that night to actually watch THE SOONERS!  Bart just sat quietly while Ladybug and I yelled Boomer Sooner over and over.  It was a record crowd, because there were far more Sooner fans there than Razorback.

We did sit more with Razorback fans than Sooner. At one point after Ladybug yelled (and we've already established she's loud) a particularly robust, "GO OU!" a man in front of us turned around, looked at Ladybug, and asked, "How old is she?"  I told him she is four, and he said, "I would have had words with her if she was older."  Oh well, the Sooners won, 3-1, so we were happy in the end!

Ladybug has decided that she likes to eat fish, so she has been begging Bart to take her fishing.  They enlisted her best friend, B.E. and her Dad and went fishing Saturday.  They didn't end up catching anything, but the girls had fun (and so did the dads).  Since they didn't catch any fish, we went to eat at Flying Fish with B.E.'s family, then went across the street to Onyx Coffee Lab for macaroons.  It was a pretty great day!

Dory Gale (And Lucy Too)
For Christmas, Bart and I thought we'd be nice and get the puppy girls a new dog bed.  By the puppy girls, we assumed it would be Dory's bed.  She's the only one who ever used the old one.  Lucy always seemed to prefer the couch or our laps to the bed.  The few times she has slept on it, she just put the front half of her body on it.  The old bed has holes in it from where Dory has dug to make it comfortable.  It is sad shape.  Surely she'd love a new one, right?  WRONG! She has curled up in it once, maybe twice in all these months.

Lucy, on the other hand, seems to love the new bed.  I should have realized that she thought it was too small for her.  She always has seemed just a bit claustrophobic (add that to her huge list of phobias).  Thankfully she and Ladybug are getting a lot of use out of it.

Dory though...  Do you remember on Fraiser when Martin Crane only wanted his chair?  Fraiser would buy him the newest, most comfortable looking chair, but it wasn't his nasty, duct-tape covered recliner.  Dory is Martin Crane.

The old bed has been sitting in front our bed since Christmas.  We didn't have the heart to throw it away yet, thank goodness.  While cleaning the bathroom one afternoon, Dory came into the bedroom to be near me, and curled up in her bed.  Then she stayed there.  Realizing that my poor girl had been missing her bed these past four and a half months, I placed it next to the new one in the living room, and I think I heard Etta James singing "At Last" in the background when she saw it.   She has spent more time on that old, holey bed that anywhere else.  The moral of the story is you may be able to teach an older dog new tricks, but don't try to change her bed!

We're expecting a night of severe weather tonight, so I should probably go charge my phone or something.  I know that I should prepare more for it, but I'm an Oklahoma girl.  I don't sweat storms until they're on top of me.  Have a happy week, y'all!

Football, A Closet Full of Tissue, and JOY

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last week I started and stopped probably at least three blog posts.  You see, we made it through THREE whole days of school before Ladybug and I both came down with a rotten case of sinusitis.   I don't want to place blame anywhere, but we're all pretty sure Satan's Flowers were the cause.  L managed to run just enough fever to warrant staying home from school on Wednesday, and we were both snotty slugs from midweek on.  It even prevented us from our yearly visit to the county fair so L could ride the ponies again.  She wasn't told she missed anything, so there wasn't a big loss there, but we both hated for her to miss school.  There's a chance I hated it more.

Saturday was the return of college football.  Well, actually Thursday night was, but I really only like watching on Saturdays unless it's Bowl Season.  Any more than that, and I do actually grow tired of it.  I was thankful our Sunday School class always holds a fantasy football draft party for the guys, and they watch the first game together.  L and I had fun dancing together and playing Princess Party, something we haven't done in ages.

Back to Saturday, we signed up for a free trial of Sling so we could watch the Razorback game on TV.  Probably the only channel we truly miss after cutting down our cable last winter is ESPN U.  It was awesome watching the Razorbacks actually play well again.  The OU game was pay-per-view so we just kept up with the scores on our phones.  I'm just going to say, thank goodness they won!!!  After the way last season just fell apart, I wasn't holding my breath.  Alas though, I love football season!  I love fall!  I love the cooler weather!  At least I will love the cooler weather when it arrives later this week.

Sunday I was well enough to go to church, but L was still pretty snotty so Bart stayed home with her. We had a small group in Sunday School, but L's friends asked where she was.  I love that her friends miss her, even the young man who calls her his "girlfriend."  Thankfully at this age "girlfriend" has the Sheldon Cooper definition of "a girl who is a friend."

Labor Day for me just meant that I did my Monday chores with Bart at home for the most part.  Sometimes it takes a lot to make sure every Monday is Clean Sheet Monday.  All three of us went to Sam's and grocery shopping together and somehow ended up buy SEVENTEEN boxes of facial tissue.  After last week's nasal olympics, we needed another six-pack of Puffs with lotion, Bart needed some slim boxes for his truck, then he picked up three boxes of Puffs with Vicks because L loves them and three boxes of Kleenex with some sort of cooling sensation.  We got home and had two bags of groceries and three of facial tissue - I kid you not.  I've had to get creative on how to store it.  Ok, it's not as much creative as just shoved in random places in the upstairs linen closet.

Yesterday was a blessing to me, as it was the start of our new year on 4W Tuesday Morning Bible Study.  This semester most of us are doing a six-week study by Margaret Feinberg called "Fight Back With Joy."  Focusing on Joy has been a goal of mine this year and has carried me through some difficult days where otherwise I might have faltered.  I love this quote,

“The reason we can experience joy is because of God’s fierce love. Joy flows out of God’s affection for us.”
Excerpt From: Margaret Feinberg. “Fight Back with Joy (Bible Study).” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/9Avk5.l

I'm already seeing differences and "joy bombs" all over the place.  We're always being asked to scale  our level of joy from 1 to 10.  I'm going to be honest.  Tuesday morning it was around 2 at most.  L was not in the mood to get ready for church.  She whined, she cried, she spit medicine on me, she got in trouble.  Once we were finally out the door and on our way, we had a discussion about her attitude in the mornings.  Between that and really praying for God to expand my capacity for joy, for patience with L, and for L to have a change of attitude, she got around great and was the sweet girl I love so dearly.  Right now I'm at around an 8 in joy.  There are far too many blessings around to let circumstances and little things steal my joy.

I still try to remember each day to right down or at least tell myself, "This is the day The Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it."  After all, if we count each day as the blessing that it is, it's far more difficult to be pessimistic about it.

Today I started bringing one dog to each car line.  Since Dory is my morning girl, she got AM duty.  I had to force Lucy in the car, but she enjoyed PM duty as soon as she realized I wasn't taking her to the vet, the groomer, or to be boarded.  It's good for them to know that L is somewhere safe while she's away from us.  Both also love to people-watch and be told how pretty they are.

Well, I should feed my child something for dinner, so I'll bid you adieu for now.  Just appreciate the outfit my child wore to school today.  I love that she enjoys fun things like her shirt!

I wanted to add this little pic of part of our sunset.  God knows what He's doing.  There's no doubt in my mind of that.  Take heart y'all!  The God who creates the sunset and the little ladybugs on my weeping willow tree is the same God who loves you!

Mums: Satan's Flowers

Thursday, August 27, 2015

We have now survived TWO days of school, y'all.  TWO!  We're learning our groove of getting around in the mornings.  Yesterday was totally different from Monday, because Bart was in Little Rock.  That means I had NO help with the dogs or especially getting our non-morning person girl out of bed.  I made Dory wake her again, but Dory decided to curl up in bed with Ladybug.  We got around decently, eventually, but ran a little late and got into HEAVY traffic.  So, Lorelai was a little late to her second day of school.  I blame a lot of the slowness of getting around to the fact that L's allergies kicked into hyperdrive Tuesday night, and girl does not deal well with boogers.

I blame our sinus/ allergy problems on the flowers Bart for her first day of school.  They contained mums.  Mums, I believe, are Satan's flowers.  If not for my taking Zyrtec almost religiously, I am fairly certain that my eyes would have swollen shut Monday night.  As it is, Bart left home Tuesday morning congested, and Ladybug has had nasal congestion the past couple of days.  The flowers, pretty as they are, have been sent to the garage.

Back to Day 2 of school, while I was dropping off L Wednesday morning, I stopped by the office to talk to some friends and finally get a correct i.d. tag so I could start car line.  My first car line went smoothly until L started to get in the car and dropped into full drama mode. I managed to get her to tell me that she lost her lunchbox.  So, we held up the car line and found it right where she had been sitting with the other kids, waiting to be called.

All in all, I think things are going well.  Ladybug doesn't directly answer my questions regarding school, but she lets little things slip in conversation.  Like what the other kids do or how they hurt their teacher by not listening to her.  Right now, I'm fervently praying that she doesn't come down with the stomach bug that took down her bestie yesterday.  I imagine if she gets it, I will as well.  What with teaching Sunday School and everything else, ain't nobody got time for that!

Yesterday was National Dog Day, or something along that manner.  Lucy and Dorothy celebrated as they often do.  They watched for squirrels outside the windows, we played games in the back yard once L was home, and Dory went with us to Chick Fil A.  A young man thought she was so cute with her head hanging out the window, that he reached in to scratch her head.  Thankfully she was pleasant about it.  Most of the time they're friendly girls, but they're also protective of their family.

As it is, today is a yoga pants and ponytail day, and I'm not ashamed of it a bit.  I don't have to be anywhere until Sunday morning and may just choose not to leave the house at all.  Well wait, I have to take Bart to return his rental vehicle Saturday morning.  Oh well, at least we'll get a lunch out of that ordeal.  I HATE waiting at the car rental place.  The parking there is terrible, and I'm always having to move the car around, out of the way while waiting.

Yesterday had a pall over it once I learned of the horrendous shooting of a reporter and photog live on air yesterday morning.  It make me think of all of my friends who have put themselves in danger to cover stories, of each and every one those days we all worked in a television station with absolutely no security system whatsoever.  We had our share of close calls with unstable types.   It makes me thankful for the life I have now and the days I spend with this girl.

Ladybug Logic And Lucy's Lucyness

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Yesterday morning, Ladybug was assisting me in getting Lucy and Dory to potty and come back inside the house.  Her job was to hand them both a little treat.  I told her that the yellow one was cheese-flavored, and that I wanted Lucy to have that one since she actually pooped.  Now Ladybug with all the logic of a three-year-old surmised that if the yellow treat tasted like cheese then the brown treat must taste like poo poo.  She thought herself a genius and wouldn't accept that the brown treat was actually beef-flavored.  It wasn't nearly as funny as a poop-flavored treat.

We discuss poop a lot these days, as well as burping and tooting.  Ladybug has decided that toilet humor is just pretty awesome, and that Olaf toots snowflakes. Personally, I haven't seen anything funny in toilet humor since I was about fifteen.  I distinctly remember watching Dumb and Dumber in the movie theater with my friends, thinking it was hilarious.  However by the time it came out on video, I couldn't see what was so funny anymore.  I do laugh when Ladybug makes these jokes though, because she just gets so tickled that it's contagious.  I love it when she is struck with a case of the giggles.

Of course it makes sense that someone who finds bodily functions so hilarious just might not see the importance of other things.  We took her outside before she was asleep last night to see Jupiter and Venus in conjunction, making the Bethlehem Star.  Bart and I thought it was pretty amazing.  Ladybug was just like, "Yep, there it is.  Can I go to bed now?"  Celestial events that only happen every 2000 or so years just don't compare to poop-flavored treats right now.

Speaking of dog treats and the family members who consume them, Lucy has lately gotten into the habit of getting out of bed for breakfast when she darn well pleases.  Rather than get up when Dory and I do and eating breakfast and doing her business with Dory, she has decided to start sleeping in.  Her bowl of kibble is left untouched.  It says a lot about Dory that she doesn't just eat Lucy's breakfast for her.  Dory will be long finished, and I will have long started my morning quiet time when Miss Lucy saunters into the living room.  Then she leisurely eats her breakfast and waits on me to finish so she can take care of business outside.  Of course once she's outside, she requires a certain number of hugs and kisses from me before she'll do her business.  In her opinion, mornings are for cuddles and possibly chasing birds and squirrels.  Dory thinks they're for bike rides and chasing the aforementioned birds and squirrels.  That's why she would like for me to get up at 6 each and every morning.  Lucy would prefer to keep me cuddled in bed with her.  Either way, their lives are so incredibly difficult.  That darn squirrel is always teasing them through the windows.

Well, my train of thought was just completely lost as I heard Ladybug calling for me upstairs.  She sleeps with her doors closed, and apparently couldn't open the door because her arms were full of stuffed dogs.  Bart and I found it amusing, Ladybug thought it was a serious predicament.  Bart explained how she could have put her dogs down, but I'm guessing hot lava would have consumed them had that occurred.  That's just another example of Ladybug Logic.  One thing is for certain, my days are definitely not boring living with a Ladybug, a Lucy, and a Dory!

In Which It Is Monday Once Again

Monday, June 15, 2015

Yesterday morning while we were driving to church, something wet and nasty peppered the entire front of Bart's truck.  There was too much for it to be a bug.  It was too nasty to have been a quick rain shower, and we weren't under an overpass.  Bart suggested a plane overhead may have lost some fecal matter.  I thought that perhaps a passenger in a car in front of us hung their head out the window to vomit at 70 mph.  Whatever it was, it was gross, and I was never so happy for Bart's obsessive use of washer fluid.

There is a robin's nest at the top of the maple tree just outside my back door.  A lot of people think that having a bird nest just outside your door is a thing of wonder.  I don't.  I see lots of bird poop, getting buzzed by over protective parents, and the inevitable outcome of baby birds dropping out of the nest just in time to be scooped up by one of my two dogs.  Lucy and Dory are just about the most gentle creatures on the planet, but they're still bird dogs.  They don't eat the poor things, they just break their necks while carrying them around like a prize.  Here is an old picture of them trying to figure out what happened to a bird they caught.  I'm afraid I'll be seeing more of this in the near future.

I have decided that I was not meant to keep potted plants.  If I can plant it in the ground, it's fairly likely to live, but I cannot keep a potted plant alive for the life of me.  It could partly be due to the fact that it rained the ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY, then suddenly dried up like the Sahara last week.  Anyway, anything that wasn't in the ground looks like it was raised by Morticia Addams.  We're in a pattern of sunny, humid days with sudden, heavy rain storms this week, so maybe some of them will come back.  Some I'm certain won't though.  I'm just grateful I didn't try to grow potted plants before I got dogs and had a kid, or I might have had second thoughts on having someone be completely dependent on me for every aspect of their livelihood.

Dory and I went for our morning bike ride today, and as we were on the last leg someone must have released their pack of small dogs into their open front yard.  Said dogs decided to chase after us, scaring Dory.  As I stated on Facebook this morning, little dogs are not cats. They need to be on leashes and behind fenced in areas just as much or more than big dogs. If you're the owner of little dogs, know that when you just let them out in the mornings, THEY WILL HARASS joggers, runners, bikers, and big, sweet, scared dogs who are just trying to get their morning exercise.  Little dogs allowed to roam free are always a nuisance, because they haven't been trained how to behave.  My poor gentle soul, Dory, just stands still, unsure of what to do when this happens.  Lucy, who was attacked by chihuahuas as a puppy, always hides behind me.  The stress made Dory need to curl up with Ladybug's favorite stuffy, Lady. She's vicious, you know.

Since May was basically a month of monsoons, we waited to get the dogs a pool for the summer.  Last week while Bart was away, I watched Lucy have a difficult time cooling off after playing and told him we had to take the truck to get them one this weekend.  The problem was that so late in the season, no Walmart had one big enough without a slide.  We ended up finding one a the local K-Mart.  Ladybug kept asking where we were.  She had never been to one before.  Bart went inside alone to pay for the pool and said that it was like going back twenty-five years.  I think L still thinks I'm making up this mythical place called "K-Mart."  Some day I'll have to tell her about other mythical lands of yore like Venture and Service Merchandise and how once upon a time you could make your list to Santa by scouring the Sears and JC Penny Christmas Catalogs.  I rather miss those days.  Don't you?

I got a nice printout in the mail today that says, "It Is Well With My Soul."  I think that I won it in a contest off of a blog.  I'm sorry if I'm not giving credit where it's due.  I think a sort of remember entering a contest for a printout a while back, but there are a lot of things from this spring that I just don't really remember.  I've told Bart that even though things were going on, I feel like March-May was just sort of lost for me this year.  You spend those first several weeks of pregnancy on pins and needles, so personally I felt like life was on hold then.  Then, when we had the miscarriage everything had to stop for a while, and what didn't is sometimes a blur to me.  It is good to really be feeling like myself again.  I've missed me.

Friday's Thoughts

Friday, June 12, 2015

I love having intelligent dogs.  Most of the time it's fun, but sometimes not so much.  Bart spent Sunday afternoon through Thursday night working in Oklahoma.  That meant Lucy didn't sleep much at night while he was away.  She believes it's her duty to keep watch on the house when Bart's gone.  Unfortunately that means barking at things about once every hour or so.  Monday morning she even woke me up at 3 am so she could take a walk around the perimeter of the back yard.  Last night after Bart came home, she slept all night.

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown of self-appointed family protector.

Dory and I have been getting up early in the mornings to go for bike rides together again.  We both really enjoy it, and I think it sets my mood for the day. We obviously couldn't do that while Bart was away, because it's not a good idea to leave a sleeping there-year-old alone in the house with only a golden retriever who doesn't go for bike rides before 8 am to watch her.  I've been relegated to the stationary bike, which is nice but not nearly as fun.  Anyway, Dory has heard me say all week that when Daddy got home, we would start going for our rides again.  So, guess who woke me up at 5 AM this morning?  Yep, the Dorothy Gale dog. She was ready to go, but had to wait until after 6.  I refused to give in to her, because then she would want me to get up that early every morning.  I have to sleep at some point even though I don't think anyone in this family actually thinks so.  I have long come to the conclusion that if I didn't sleep I could be the most productive person on the planet, but... no.
My morning biking buddy and living alarm clock.

While Bart was gone, I had plans to read and write and get so much done.  I did get a lot of housework accomplished, like clean out L's playroom and some other things.  However, I never did any writing.  I got caught up reading a series of books.  I have to finish them because I'm dying to finish the first draft of my friend Louise's book set in the 1930s, and I want to get to writing on my own stuff again.  I ended up falling asleep within an hour of L going to bed every night, because I was exhausted.  It's hard doing EVERYTHING all day and all night around the house, including watering the garden, the grass, and the flowers.  Thankfully Ladybug decided to help me out a little by playing in the sprinkler while it did its work.  

Getting back to writing, I've realized that I can either write blog posts that I think are decent, or I can write fiction, but often not at the same time.  I think it's a matter of tone and mindset and not being able to just hop from one to the other.  Perhaps it would be different if I did give up on sleep.  I wonder if I'm alone in this?

I'll be surprised if I get any writing of any sort done this weekend.  We're going to have our eyes solely on the TV because Arkansas made it to Omaha!  I may or may not also be following a spoon on Twitter now because of it.  It's such a controversial spoon, too.

Happy Birthday, Lucy-Girl!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

She is Ladybug's best friend.  She's Dory's best friend.  She's one of my best friends, and my heart dog.  She is Lucy Snowflake Gilbreath, and according to her pedigree, she's six years old today.

Even at six years old, she's still very much a puppy.  She's sweet and a huge cuddle-bug.  I was sick with a cold last weekend, and she happily put on her imaginary scrubs to be my Nurse Lucy once again.  She's always so good about keeping you warm when you have the chills.

She's afraid of storms and firecrackers....  and umbrellas and balloons...  and she's terrified of the smoke detectors when their batteries get low.  She loves cheese and pillsbury biscuits.

She's not a morning person, unlike her sister Dory.

She loves to play ball, chase bubbles, catch the frisbee.  She's my perfect biking companion.

She thinks that she's the queen bee of the house.  She is to Dory and Ladybug, but I have to remind her otherwise at times.

She's a form of contraception.

She's survived eating instant coffee, getting a toe stuck in a seat belt, and even Daddy accidentally cutting off part of her ear!

She's my girl.  The whole family loves Lucy!

She's even been on TV at least once!

Lucy the Big Red Birth Control Device (Dog)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Often, I refer to someone other than Ladybug as my "first baby," and I'm not referring to the one that I lost to miscarriage three years ago.  No, my first baby came to me when she was six and a half weeks old, covered in red fur, had a white spot that we affectionately call her "snowflake" on the top of her head, and was very gassy.  Her name?  Lucy Snowflake!  She was not only our first baby, but she was our only baby for almost two entire years before we adopted Dory.  In that time period, we apparently raised her to have a bit of a queenly or spoiled rotten princess attitude.

We took her everywhere with us from visiting family and friends to vacation weekends on the White River.  I even took her to work one afternoon on Take Your Dog To Work Day.  She was pampered and babied like any dog belonging to a couple trying unsuccessfully to have kids.  I had a serious addiction to shopping at PetSmart and PetCo, so she had more toys than Ladybug has, including bandanas for every occasion.

Lucy and I are also very close and in sync with each other.  Before I even knew that I was pregnant the first time, Lucy sensed it and became very protective of me.  When my water broke in the wee sma's the morning of my scheduled c-section, Lucy first freaked out and had to me taken outside for a belly ache.  Then she stuck to me like glue as I readied to leave for the hospital.  When Ladybug and I came home from the hospital, she missed me and just wanted to cuddle.  So even though she loves Dory and Ladybug, there are times when I know that she misses being an "only child."  She misses it so much at times that she tries very hard to prevent us from making another baby.

At night once Ladybug is down for (hopefully) the evening, when Sheldon or I have come back downstairs from tucking in for the night, we'll often try to get a little time snuggling together on the couch. If one of us is already there, the other will join.  Until that moment, Lucy will usually be sleeping/ resting somewhere on the floor.  However, once she sees us get close to each other, she suddenly decides to be a lap dog.  All of a sudden she's like, "Mom and Dad are touching!  It's my duty to get between them and prevent further infestation!"

Her favorite position is when she can manage to sprawl out enough to be in both of our laps at the same time.  If we're together, she wants to get between us.  The Jaws of Life can't pry her off of us until we mention going to bed.  If you try to move her, she does her best impersonation of dead weight.  Then, she tries to race us to the bedroom so that we cannot possibly spend any time in there alone.  Not even a treat of cheese can get her to leave the bedroom once she's decided to be there for the night.  She hates when we close the door so she can't camp out in there.  The addition of a baby gate in the hallway between our bedroom and the living room has really put a damper of her blocking us as well.

God-willing, some day what Lucy dreads will come to pass, despite her best efforts to work as a big, furry prophylactic.  I'm sure when that happens, and we bring another bundle into our home, she'll rise to the occasion and be the loving, protective older sister to the new kid that she has been to Dory and Ladybug both.  Until then, we'll continue trying to evade Lucy, the Love Police.  It's only a little aggravating.  We love her enough to find it somewhat endearing.  It's a good thing we love her.  I'll just leave it at that.

My Favorite Photos

Friday, March 1, 2013

I have a Photo-a-Day blog that I started this year in order to help get my creative juices flowing.  The ideal situation would have me taking a masterpiece on my DSLR every day, edit it, and post it with deep thoughts.  Yet I've used my iPhone far more than my DSLR so far this year.

This lack of using my good camera has happened for many reasons.  First of all, my phone is always with me.  Secondly, I keep my DSLR set to take only RAW photos, so I have to go through my photos, edit them, and save them as JPEGs.  That takes a bit of time that I don't always have.  Another reason is that there just isn't a great deal during these grey, cold winter days that just inspires me much.  It happens occasionally but not very often.  Lastly, my computer has had issues of late, and I HAD to use the iPhone.

I have taken some pictures in the past that I'm very proud of and thought I would share some of them today.  None of these have been altered by Instagram, Picmonkey, or any other filter.They're not in any chronological order.

I took this picture of the Broadway Bridge w/o a tripod, hanging from the balcony of our room at the Double Tree in Little Rock while Sheldon was at a bachelor party in 2009.

Spring sunrise on the White River at Gaston's.

My Christmas ham.

She was as angry with me as she looks there.

She has always loved Lady, even though she looks like she's going to punch her.

I love those eyes.

I love that I caught her face here.  She loves the wind.

Playing peek-a-boo!

I adore this picture.

Airplane or bird?

Sunset on the Rockies.

A fox on the side of the road in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

This was taken after the record snow we had in early 2011.  We loaded the girls  in the truck, took them to Lake Fayetteville, and just let them run in the snow.
This would have been better if Dory had been in focus, but getting two dogs and baby to cooperate is almost impossible.

Lucy is an acrobat when it comes to chasing bubbles.

This is just one picture from what was one of my favorite photo shoots with Ladybug.

I caught Lucy in a shake after a swim in the White River at Gaston's.

The Ladybug has always been good at sharing.

We thought she'd enjoy playing in a pile of leaves.  We were wrong.  This was her first Thanksgiving.

She had just started crawling, and this was near the end of the spikey hair period.

Dory showing what my friend Erin calls "Labittude!"

Autumn sunrise on the White River at Gaston's.

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