She Dances When She Runs

Sunday, October 6, 2013

She dances when she runs.  Her little skippity-hop mingles in between strides.  She sings along with every song she hears, even those she's never before heard, and makes each song sweeter in doing so.  She loves to count and recite her ABC's.  Our conversations have grown longer and easier to understand.  She is helpful and longs to be able to do more.  She is creative and will make anything into a toy, including making a board intended to race Hot Wheels cars into a slide.  Every day she surprises us with what we didn't know that she knows.

She loves to dig in the mud and "color" the patio with sidewalk chalk.  She loves to be clean and to wear pretty dresses and frilly tutus.  She loves football, OU (that's my girl!), and especially the Razorbacks.  She loves football more if she can wear pretty necklaces, tutus, and fedoras while watching it.

She sleeps in a sea of stuffed animals, to her the more the merrier.  If she had her way she would sleep with all of her shoes and books as well.  I'm thinking of buying a poncho to wear during her bath time, as she can get rather boisterous with her splashing.

Have I mentioned that she likes music and singing and dancing?  They're very integral parts of our everyday lives now.  When Cinderella asks, we always try to say yes to a dance.  Her favorite thing to listen to is anything from the Veggie Tales, but she loves almost all music period.  She especially loves Steven Curtis Chapman's "How Great Thou Art."

She has a mean streak, and we have to often get on to her for being a little mean to the dogs.  More often though, she is sweet.  She gives the sweetest kisses, the most precious hugs.  Her smiles can melt any heart, and her laughter fills my heart.  She has started asking "Why?"

The separation anxiety of the past nine months or so is slowly melting away into confidence.  She no longer cries much when we drop her off at church.  Rather, she cries when we pick her up once church and late Sunday School are over.  In fact she has started getting upset whenever we leave from somewhere she was having fun.  While I don't want to foster the notion that it is ok to have a tantrum whenever we leave a place, right now I'm thrilled she's showing the independence to want to stay somewhere.

She will be two years old in just four months.  Today, she is 20 months, and sometimes I feel like she's going on 20 years.  I often miss my spiky-haired pudgy baby of last year, but the little girl with the long, blonde hair of today is worth the change.  She is Miss Ladybug, and she has my heart.

What We've Learned In 17 & 18 Months

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Today dear Ladybug, you are eighteen months old. I didn't post an update on you last month, because I decided that I would combine 17 and 18 months and that until you are two years old, this is likely the last monthly update I will make.  You are anything but a little baby anymore.  In fact, your pacifiers have all disappeared this week.  You are such a big girl, and seem to be thriving in the bigger kids' class at church.    You were sort of promoted a couple of weeks ago.  Thankfully, you seem to be getting over your saran wrap issues a little bit too.  Let me tell you a little more about you:

  • You love your babydolls.  You have made Dory's bed into your babydolls' bed and spend a lot of time there taking care of them.
  • You seem to almost skip when running now.  
  • I have started putting you in slip-on diapers, because it's easier with your busy little legs.  Also, they seem to fit better now that you're running al over creation.  In the next couple of months we will start trying to use a potty, because you are such a big girl!
  • You have the cutest, funniest little dances you do when listening to music you love.
  • You have started to change your taste in music.  Rather than hip hop from the nineties, you are enjoying more indie and adult contemporary music.  Your favorite song to sing now is "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" by She and Him.
  • You are a very picky eater at meals.
  • You know several colors, your letters up to "E," and can count to 10 with a little prodding.
  • You have started playing with Hot Wheels cars.
  • You love wearing pretty clothes and having your hair fixed.  That said, you rarely leave bows in your hair for long.

  • You love swimming and seem to be a natural.
  • Your vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds every week.
  • You caught your first fish!
  • You are a blessing, and I'm so very thankful you're in my life.

What We've Learned In Sixteen Months

Thursday, June 6, 2013

  • Near the end of your bath, you like to lick the bottoms of your pruney feet.
  • You've been able to say, "Momma," for a long time, but you've just recently started really saying it often and in the right context.
  • You have decided that you love to eat Kix dry cereal.  You graze on it all day.
  • Your favorite foods are catfish, chicken, french fries, green beans, apples, shredded cheese, and of course Kix.
  • You like to pretend to cook so much that Santa will probably be bringing you a kitchen for Christmas.
  • You love counting and actually CAN count to around 8.  
  • You're learning your ABC's.  You know A-D pretty well.
  • You've decided to be mean and not like your Granddad right now.  I hope this doesn't last long, because he loves you so much.
  • You know the words to every song on Bob and Larry's Toddler Songs.  Just when I think you like one song more than another, you surprise me.
  • You still love to dance.  Whenever you see ballet on TV, you are very interested.  If nothing changes, I see ballet lessons in your future.
  • Of course, you also like to jam to hits from the 80's and 90's with your old mom.
  • You think hanging out in Mom and Dad's room during tornado warnings is a big party.
  • You like to *ahem* "read a magazine" on Dory's bed.
  • You also love watching radar.
  • You don't like having to wear a helmet to ride in the bike trailer.
  • You were allowed to stay awake and watch the Oklahoma Sooners Softball team beat Tennessee and become the national champions in the WCWS this week.
  • You and your cousin T like to chase Mr. Gibbs Kitty Cat at Grandma and Granddad's house, but your best friends are still Lucy and Dory.
  • You are our curious, silly, sweet blessing.

What We've Learned In Fifteen Months

Monday, May 6, 2013

Ladybug, today you are fifteen months old.  You are continually amazing me and surprising me with how smart and capable you are becoming.  Here are some highlights of the past month:

  • You have no problem at all walking and running inside and outside of the house.
  • Your favorite cd is VeggieTales Bob and Larry's Toddler Songs.
  • Your favorite song on that cd is "The Wheels On the Bus."
  • You also love "The Hand Song," and "If Your Happy and You Know It."
  • You have been cutting your molars, and this was a difficult month at times. Sometimes the only things you would eat were popsicles.
  • If I hand you your dirty clothes, you'll put them in your hamper.  You'll also put clean clothes in the one drawer you can reach in your dresser.
  • You love Biscuit books.
  • We finished reading The Secret Garden and started Anne of Green Gables this month.
  • You have started playing more with your baby dolls.  You feed them and love on them.
  • You like to have a dance party every afternoon after your nap.
  • You sometimes try to dress yourself, but your pants don't go on your head.
  • You love your necklace and your purse and hats and cardigans.  Your are Miss Accessories.
  • At 8 pm every night, you're ready for your bath.  In fact we can ask you if you're ready for your bath, and if the baby gate is  open you'll crawl upstairs yourself and wait in the bathroom.  Just know we're always a step behind you.
  • You'll also go upstairs at 9 pm when we ask if you're ready for bed.
  • You like finding and picking up rocks.
  • You like to get dirty while playing outside, but when you come in the house you try to clean your hands by washing them in the dog water.
  • You have tried to eat rocks and dog food, but getting you to eat people food other than potato chips and french fries isn't easy.
  • You like to "cook."
  • Every day you show me that you are such a big girl and no longer a baby. 
  • No matter what, every day with you is a blessing.

What We've Learned In Thirteen/Fourteen Months

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dear Ladybug, let me assure you that I didn't skip marking when you hit 13 months on purpose.  It hit right smack dab in the middle and worst time of what accumulated to two months of illness for our family.  Finding time to blog about anything while feeling like blogging then wasn't easy, and by the time it was... well enough time had passed that it was better to just combine 13 with 14 months.  That's not to say that you haven't been the blessing of our lives, and that you haven't had an eventful two months.  Just what have you been up to?

  • First of all, the week of your birthday you decided to start the process of cutting each and every single one of your teeth beyond the two you've had since you were seven months old.  When you cut teeth, you become a snotty, feverish mess.  You've had two bouts of snotty feverish, teething-induced cold that lasted a week each since then.
  • You started cutting your molars on the same day that (TA DA!)  you started walking at 13 months, one day.  
  • That was also the first time you spent the nigh away from us, so it wasn't a great night.
  • You are walking now though.  Actually in the past month it has gone from walking to running.  At first you walked like Frankenstein.  Now you have more of John Wayne gait.
  • After all of the snot and fever, you have become obsessed with blowing your nose and checking your temperature with the ear and forehead thermometers.
  • You have become a girl who likes purses and necklaces.  You're also trying to wear my shoes.
  • You love running around outside.
  • You have discovered how "pretty!" flowers are.
  • You talk all the time, and your phrases are becoming more and more distinguishable.  You've been saying phrases and whole sentences for a while, but they're becoming plainer to hear.
  • You still think it's easier to say "Adrienne" rather than "Mama" most of the time.  You have since you were just a few months old.
  • You are wearing 12 months in pants and 18 months in shirts.  You wear size 4 in diapers, and weigh around 23 lbs.  You have your Daddy's long torso.
  • You have decided that you like to eat chicken.
  • You are a basketball fanatic.  
  • The most interesting thing that you have done is you picked a March Madness bracket using team mascot flashcards that your dad made for you.  He entered the bracket in his office's pool, AND YOU WON!  You beat all of those engineers who think they know so much about statistics and such.  I think it's hilarious.
  • You are sweet.  You are bright.  You are a blessing each and every day of my life, even the snotty, feverish days when you're not your happy little self.

What We've Learned in Twelve Months

Friday, February 15, 2013

I wrote a post a couple of days ago about Ladybug turning the big 1.  It was a broad post about the entire years.  This post is just to highlight the many things that have changed in just the past month.

  • You love to eat Hershey's bars.  I'll let you have a couple of squares in the afternoon, after your nap.
  • You are almost walking on your own!  One day you just decided to pull up to your V-Tech walker and just started pushing it down the living room.  You're cruising all over the place.
  • You love The Chica Show, and Daddy got you a Chica doll for your birthday that you're in love with.
  • You've actually started watching real Sesame Street and not just Play With Me Sesame on Sprout.  So, I added it to our DVR list.  When we have the time, we'll watch it.
  • I love the way you brush your hair while I brush mine.
  • You love playing with your Little People you got for Christmas.
  • You've started calling Dory "DD."
  • Lucy is well, "Lucy."
  • You're always singing.
  • I love the way you use me as a walker by grabbing on to the back of my legs and walk along with me.
  • If there's a good song playing, you'll start dancing.  I love watching you shake your little booty.
  • You are super talkative and say all sorts of things.  Occasionally we understand what you're staying.
  • You are obsessed with stuffed animals.
  • You love to read and be read to.
  • I've learned how often I tell you, "Okay," and "Thank you," because you're now saying them.  You're also pointing your finger at me when you tell me, "No!" because I do that too.
  • You are loved everywhere you go.  Really, you're much more social a person than either your dad or me.  It's kind of nice going somewhere like church, and being known as "Ladybug's Mom and Dad."

What We've Learned In Eleven Months

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sunday, Miss Ladybug, you were eleven whole months old.  In less than thirty days, you'll no longer be a baby but a big girl of one full year.  Looking at you, it's hard to believe you're that same little person we brought home from the hospital.  Here are some things about you:
  • You are pulling up and standing all.the.time.  However, you don't like falling, so you get stuck when you're standing and often start crying for help.
  • You said your name once where we understood it.
  • You love going to watch basketball games at the U of A.
  • You are a backseat of the car singer.  You love belting it out with Mariah, Mumford and Sons, and even some of that twangy stuff Daddy listens to.  In fact, you prefer having music on all the time, which is ok.  I needed a break from talk radio for a while anyway.
  • You give great kisses.
  • I caught you standing up, telling yourself how pretty you are in the mirror this morning.
  • You have become obsessed with stuffed animals.  
  • Bathing you is like sitting on the front row of the splash zone at Sea World.
  • You've started shaking your head "no" all the time.
  • You went sledding for the first time over Christmas.  You sort of liked it.  You hated having to snowsuit up though.
  • Your favorite books are still "Goodnight Moon" and "B is For Bear."
  • You love cheese puffs.
  • You are super-clingy when you don't feel well.
  • You are just about the sweetest child I've ever met, and I hate when things like teething make you feel awful.
  • Your smile is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.
  • "Every time you cross my mind, I break out in exclamations of thanks to God." (Philippians 1:3 The Message)

What I What WE Have Learned In Ten Months

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Today Miss Ladybug, you are ten months old.  Here are some things that we've learned thus far:
  • You've been crawling for about a month and a half, and get around fairly well.  You pull up some, but don't show any hurry to stand up and walk, but that's ok. I'm not in any hurry for it to happen either.  
  • Right now, you like to follow me around the house, and I've learned that making you crawl laps is excellent exercise. 
  • You love reading books and being read to more than just about anything.
  • You enjoy watching airplanes as they take off and land near our house.
  • You loved the Lights of the Ozarks. 
  • You've started dunking your head under water during baths and blowing bubbles.
  • You enjoy Christmas music.
  • When you want one of us to read a book to you, you'll scoot it in front of you as you crawl toward us.  
  • Your favorite books right now are "B Is For Bear" and "Goodnight Moon."  Almost every day before your afternoon nap we also read a little from "The Secret Garden."
  • Sometimes to get you to sleep, I have to employ the use of a hair dryer.
  • You still don't like textured food much, but eat baby food like there's no tomorrow.
  • You share your finger foods with Dory.  Sometimes you just want to wave them in her face, but that never works.
  • It's very obvious that you understand so much of what we're saying now, because of the way you respond.
  • You say a lot, we just have to catch what you say and understand it, because you say it so quickly and don't repeat yourself much.
  • You love bath time and will cry when the water drains down the tub, and it's time to get dry and dressed.
  • You love pulling levers and studying how to take things apart.
  • You love pretty things and love being pretty even more.
  • Your hair is now long enough that it no longer sticks up much.  I sort of miss the mohawk, but it's nice being able to put barrettes in your hair now.
  • You still love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Play With Me Sesame.  You also love watching the news, especially the weather.
  • You're more toddler now than baby.  I miss the little baby, but I'm loving the toddler so much!
  • Every day it is a blessing to be your Mama.

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